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Artstate will feature an exciting program of theatre, music, dance, film and visual arts celebrating the vitality and creativity of NSW regional artists.

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Artstate Lismore | Sunday Finale Concert

2 months ago

The final day of Artstate Lismore hit the right note with the Regional Youth Orchestra performing on the Lismore Quadrangle Stage. A day to relax and unwind, delegates listened to the orchestra perform from underneath the shade of trees, before wandering off to explore the open exhibitions and museums scattered across Lismore and the Northern […]

Artstate Lismore | Conference Day 2

2 months ago

The second conference day of Artstate Lismore saw Karoline Trollvik from Riddu Riđđu Festival provide a stirring keynote, and Nick Mahmat exploring his work in arts education in the regional USA county of Kalamazoo. A few streets away the Lismore Quad was still bustling and alive as our Kids Program got into full swing. Later […]

Artstate Lismore | Conference Day 1

2 months ago

The skies were clear for the first day of the Artstate Lismore conference. Delegates milled into the Lismore City Hall for keynote and plenary panels, before scattering off to venues in the precinct for breakout sessions. In the afternoon, Esther Anatolitis, CEO of NAVA, opened the exhibition We’re Closer Than You Think at the OLD […]

Artstate Lismore | Opening Night Photos Pt. 2

2 months ago

Following Djanda Mandi Gingerlah, the Spaghetti Circus acrobats took the stage with the Youth Jazz Orchestra and Shelly Brown to get things swinging 1920’s style. At the end of the evening, we flashed forward to the bright, cheeky and colourful 80’s as the Casette’s flash mob strutted their stuff. From there, revellers not quite ready […]

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