Bundjalung Weavings

Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre (BMEC)

This ambitious visual arts project will bring together Indigenous weavers from across the Bundjalung Nation to showcase their techniques and celebrate their culture.
Created in the lead up to Artstate our weavers will meet regularly to create a unique weaving installation that will be launched at Lismore City Hall and displayed throughout NORPA’s premiere season of Djurra – a Bundjalung Creation story.
The Northern Rivers is home to many Indigenous weaving groups dedicated to reviving ancient weaving techniques and re-establishing and incorporating traditional grasses and reeds from the region. The Wake Up Time women from Casino and Kyogle based Gulibal Living Culture group are just two groups who have been successfully working to retain weaving traditions and to share their work through workshops and exhibitions locally and nationally.
The installation will offer a unique insight into the different techniques and materials that have been used in the Bundjalung region for generations.

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