Daughters of the Rum Rebellion

Star Court Theatre
Saturday 7:00pm – 8:00pm

The Daughters of the Rum Rebellion is a musical theatre production that reveals the hidden history of Australia’s female bushrangers, starring Gleny Rae and Ilona Harker. This groundbreaking theatre show brings to light the fascinating colonial feats of these forgotten bushrangers. Through narration and song, Gleny and Ilona skillfully bring to life the fictional characters of Lady Moonlight and Madame Ironbark, who themselves are running from the unjust law of the time. The show features the true daring exploits of Jessie Hickman, Mary Ann Bugg, Molly Morgan and Black Mary and mentions many others.
With eight original songs composed for the show and a year of research from Hobart to Eulo, this show will change the way you see Australia’s white washed male dominated colonial past.
Gleny Rae is a seasoned musician/songwriter/performer who has worked with a multitude of artists such as Toe Sucking Cowgirls, The Junes, The Gadflys and her solo work. Ilona Harker is a singer/songwriter/cabaret artist and cross-disciplinary performer who has created beloved festival characters such as Mae Wilde, Emmy-loo Amethyst and has worked throughout Australia’s festival and music touring circuit.
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