Opening Night | Djanda Mandi Gingerlah

Lismore Quadrangle
Thursday 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Djanda Mandi means acknowledgement and dedication and Gingerlah means gathering. It is a time for the local Widjabul people to acknowledge and preserve the wisdom, the knowledge and the old ways of the ancestors. For many across the region art is the new medicine, that is healing the turbulence, and at Artstate, we are dedicating a time for a very special gathering. A time to hear country, to feel the heartbeat of country and celebrate on country.
The Bundjalung territories have always been a place of abundance and strong political voices. We inherited a cultural legacy as the custodians, our languages continue to echo the ancient songlines across our Homelands, and as we have always done, we welcome many to country, to our mother earth. Our Estates cross diverse mountain ranges, honours many Djerbils (significant and sacred sites) and from east to west, north to south begins many passages from the sweet waters steams to the freshwater lagoons and the continuing journeys to meet with the saltwater’s.
The four directions are important to us all, it reflects father sky, our spirituality, the tangible and the intangible. The importance of the southern cross, is represented in our markings and determines the lore, ceremony, the kinship structures (our moieties) and our languages.
Witness our continuous spirituality as we invite other clans from across the region to Artstate to pay homage to our collective gathering, to a place that is Tuckurimbah now known as Lismore. As diverse as the waters of the Wilson and Richmond rivers and Leycester creek flow around the town, history has shown there can be conflict, abundance and provision but there is always a united deep respect for the unpredictable behaviour of the waters.
Like these waters we need to have the conversations, hear the laughter and respect the differences. Our gathering is the beginning, to commence the listening in a place that is an interchange, gender and colour blind as we embark on the passionate, the necessary dialogue for a continuous Art State in NSW.
Dance clans performing include; Jannawi, eXcelsior, Muggerah and Bundjalung groups Nini Nahri-Gali and the Deadly Bunharms.
Rhoda Roberts AO
Djanda Mandi Gingerlah Director
Djanda Mandi Gingerlah is a part of the official Artstate Opening Night Concert.
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