Festival Club | Buddy Knox Blues Band

Saturday 9:15pm – 10:15pm

Artstate Festival Club

Unwind with fellow night owls at the Artstate Tamworth Festival Club, a chilled out space featuring guest spots from local New England North West musicians and performers. From bluesy folk to homegrown country, spend some time down at the Community Centre and make every night of Artstate one to remember.

Buddy Knox Blues Band

Buddy has carved up the Blues scene around Australia since 2007, armed with his signature 335 Gibson, or more recently in acoustic sets, the Maton, his devotion to the art form is genuine .  He’s been referred to as our very own BB, but expect a dash of Freddie King guitar style in his show.  Buddy’s recent move to acoustic Blues gives fans the intimate experience of bare bones genuine Blues, Knox style.

The Buddy Knox Blues Band members include; Buddy Knox (guitar), Teangi Knox (bass/drum/harmonies), Fiona Peters (accodian), Gareth Hudson (double bass/ keys/ dideridoo/ bass/ harmonies) and Goori Knox (harmonies).

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