Festival Club | The Orient Royal Mail

Majellan Bowling Club
Thursday 9:15pm – 10:00pm

Artstate Festival Club

Unwind with fellow night owls at the Artstate Bathurst Festival Club, a chilled out space featuring guest spots from local Central West musicians and performers. From bluesy folk to cheeky cabaret and the promise of mystery behind the Confetti door, spend some time down at Majellan’s and make every night of Artstate one to remember.

The Orient Royal Mail

The Orient Royal Mail formed in October 2014, initially playing songs by singer songwriter Jade Flynn (frontman), With the addition of Phil McDowell on drums, the band started writing brand new original tunes.
The origins of the name come from an old leather suitcase (now a kick drum) that was once aboard the Orient Line Express from the UK to Australia via exotic Africa and the mysterious Orient.
The band’s style of music was stripped back, bluesy, folk with innovative use of percussion and guitar looping. In 2016 the band evolved into its current sound with Bassist Dave Fabien joining Jade and Phil to form a trio, giving the band a grungy groove edge – “fluid and with emotion these guys will rock your socks off one minute, and soothe your soul the next.”

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