LEAP at Lunch

Machattie Park
Friday 1:00pm – 2:00pm
Saturday 1:00pm – 2:00pm

The Inland Sea of Sound Festival’s Local Emerging Artist Program showcases the Central West’s emerging music talent with performances during the conference lunch in Machattie Park, right next door to Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre.
The Local Emerging Artist Program (LEAP), is an initiative of Bathurst Regional Council and is managed through the Local Stages program at Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre. LEAP provides professional development and showcasing opportunities for young artists in the region.
Each year, young musicians audition to be part of the program, performing in local venues in the lead up to the Inland Sea of Sound Festival, and this year, four acts will perform as part of Artstate.
LEAP is an opportunity for young artists to develop their skills, and to be introduced to the vibrant music scene in Bathurst. These young people are incredibly talented, sometimes just needing the introduction to some local venues and audiences. Each year the program sees numerous young and emerging artists grow through live performances, and this year will get an introduction to wider regional arts community through Artstate.

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