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Walshaw Hall
Friday 3:45pm – 5:00pm
Saturday 3:45pm – 5:00pm
Free (delegates only)


Miranda Gott

Friday 2 November – 3:45pm
In a small regional town, three people share their own funny, yet tragic, stories that cause their lives to converge on one fateful event.
Melissa became a mother at 18, escaping a home life with an emotionally abusive father. Her daughter is now 5, and Melissa is coming to realise that history is repeating itself.
Mick is an enthusiast for his work – tending the sewage facility and collecting the town’s garbage. Once a bright child, betrayal by a trusted adult forms his home-grown philosophy about life’s disposability.
Barbara is a former university lecturer in art, a ‘tree-changer’ who has made a fresh start in the town with her investment speculator husband. As she settles into country life, her academic understanding of death is confronted by the reality of life and death among rural animals.
Kangaroo is a tale of individual stories that weave and dance together revealing a dark and poetic exploration of solitude, strength, survival and death.

A Good Bloke

Adam Deusien & Isabel Fox

Saturday 3 November – 3:45pm
A small town, much like any small town anywhere in Australia, is rocked by the news of a terrible crime. To many it’s a surprise, many don’t understand how it could happen: he was such a great guy, a great Dad, a great mate to his friends, a man of the community. But as two friends of the family start to piece it all together, a story emerges that challenges the myth of this good country bloke, and a more angry, sinister and calculated image begins to appear.
Originally conceived as an inversion of the Medea story, A Good Bloke uses this ancient Greek myth to excavate the epidemic of murder/suicides committed by men against their families in regional Australia. Focusing on how local and national journalism reports these crimes in ways that exonerate the criminals and blame the victims, this new work is exploration of how small communities attempt to make sense of these sudden tragic events.
After two short develop periods as part of the Made in Bathurst residency program with Local Stages at BMEC, and in a 2-week development period team as part of Adam Deusien’s Arts NSW Regional Arts Fellowship, the script is being redeveloped in 2018.

The Central West Play Residency Project 2018

The Central West Short Play Festival was created in 2012 to support a community desire to develop skills in playwriting and theatre craft utilising a 10 minute play format. Each year the festival works on different projects dependant on community interest.
In 2018, the Central West Play Residency Project supports 10 playwrights to develop a one act play over the year with regular weekend workshops, playreading opportunities and ongoing professional support. Both Kangaroo and A Good Bloke have come from this project along with several other plays that are in various stages of development.
This program is supported by Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre’s Local Stages Program and the Country Arts Support Program.

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