Artstate Tamworth Precinct

TOME: A Spontaneously Human Performance

Conceived and directed by Masters of Creative Practice student, Jhi Rayner. TOME is an experiment into the depths of improvised theatre, taking the chaos of raw spontaneity and matching it with the vulnerability of the human condition.

Filled with a mixture of present actors of the Bachelor of Creative Industries and past actors of the Bachelor of Stage and Screen, TOME challenges the traditional conventions of the theatre.  Both cast and crew, including the director, are unaware of where the show is going to take them. There is no set script or even prompt to instigate the show. Trusting in each other and fully allowing themselves to be enveloped into the absurdity and hilarity of their scenes brings the connection between actor and audience deeper than ever before, allowing them to be truly affected.

Keep an eye out for roving TOME performances in the Artstate Tamworth Precinct.


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