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The moving image work Transformation is the latest instalment in Nicole Welch’s ongoing Self series, which was initiated as part of her Illumination works in 2012. In this sequence Welch uses her body as a apparatus for exploring the symbiotic relationship humans have with the natural world and the fragility and strength of both. As a continuation of these themes the Transformation footage sees the artist engage directly with the natural world through a waterfall; a universal symbol of renewal, healing and ultimately, transformation.
Nicole Welch is represented by MAY SPACE.

Nicole Welch

Nicole Welch’s artistic process involves traversing through areas of bushland, where she locates historically and environmentally significant landscapes to create compositions using large-scale projectors, generators, spotlights, research-inspired objects, projections and in camera technologies. Her installations are enacted and recorded in situ, resulting in incongruous photographic and moving image works that record in real time both past and present ideologies. Her interest in the landscape and wilderness stems from a deep connection to the natural environment of the Bathurst region formed in childhood and returned to as a modality for renewal and healing, resulting in it becoming a central theme within her artistic practice. Her ongoing self-series places her body within the frame to engage with the scene, exploring the symbiotic relationship humans have with the natural world and the fragility and strength of both. Welch’s imagery is often recorded alone in the bush, and is a quiet performance between the artist and her environment that is later shared with an audience.
Welch has been invited to show numerous exhibitions in a solo capacity at venues throughout metropolitan and regional Australia, including exhibitions at MAY SPACE/Brenda May Gallery, Glass House Regional Gallery Port Macquarie (2018), Bundaberg Regional Galleries (2020), Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, Murray Art Museum Albury, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, the University of Wollongong and the Canberra School of Art. Welch’s 2015 series Eastern Interiors responded to the eastern interior of Australia, geographically stretching between Bathurst and Albury. The resulting works were shown in both locations, as well as Brenda May Gallery. A small selection of these works was also presented at Sydney Contemporary in September of 2015.
Welch’s exhibition Apparitions (2014) progressed her conceptual and technical ideas exceptionally, seeing works enter the collections of Artbank, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery and a major corporate collection. Welch’s works are also in the collections of Murray Art Museum Albury, Parliament House Art Collection Canberra, Macquarie Group, Canberra School of Art (ANU), Harris Farm Market’s Collection and the National Library of Australia, among others.

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