Artstate Lismore | Opening Night Photos Pt. 2

19 Dec 2017 /

Following Djanda Mandi Gingerlah, the Spaghetti Circus acrobats took the stage with the Youth Jazz Orchestra and Shelly Brown to get things swinging 1920’s style. At the end of the evening, we flashed forward to the bright, cheeky and colourful 80’s as the Casette’s flash mob strutted their stuff. From there, revellers not quite ready to end the night headed off to the Festival Club, where a friendly ghost kept spirits high.
Spaghetti Circus dancers.Shelly Brown provided vocals for the talented Lismore Youth Jazz Orchestra.Players from the Youth Jazz OrchestraDancing in the Lismore QuadrangleThe Cassettes at the opening night of Artstate Lismore.Cheeky Cabaret entertaining at the Artstate Lismore Festival Club, located in the Lismore City Bowls Club.
All photos by Katelyn-Jane Dunn, courtesy of Artstate NSW.

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