Saturday 3 November

8:00am – 9:00am

Registrations and coffee on arrival

Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre (BMEC)

9:00am – 1:00pm

Keynotes and Panels

Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre (BMEC)

Keynote Hotspots of Creative Employment: Regional Development Through Creative Industries

9:10am – 9:40am

Jack Archer, CEO, Regional Australia Institute

Where are the creative places in regional Australia and what do they contribute to regional development? This session will show where hotspots of creative employment across Australia are and employment in the industry has changed. Research presented in the session will build an understanding of what creative industries mean for regional economies and communities.

Panel Country Towns: Building an Economy Around Arts & Culture

9:45am – 10:45am

Moderated by Micaela Hambrett, Features Reporter, ABC Central West

Rich Evans, Chief Reactivation Officer, The Foundations, Portland

Stephen Birrell, Owner, Tremain's Mill

In 2018, ABC Central West journalist Micaela Hambrett reported on how three country NSW towns are actively preserving history and embracing art in long-term commercial strategies. She observed that “country towns are realising their most compelling assets are their own stories and art is the best way to tell them, while bringing in tourists and strengthening local economies.” In this panel, we’ve invited Micaela alongside Alison Dent, Stephen Birrell and Rich Evans to discuss their approaches to arts-led economic development.

Morning Tea

10:45am – 11:10am

Keynote Making Creative Things Happen

11:15am – 11:45am

Kresanna Aigner, Director, Findhorn Bay Arts, Scotland, UK

Findhorn Bay Arts is an award-winning creative producer of cultural events and activities rooted in the rural communities of the region Moray in the North East of Scotland.
Moray is rich in creativity with a diverse and vibrant cultural sector. Recognising the opportunity for arts and culture to contribute to community regeneration, education, and local development, Findhorn Bay Arts has established a year-round programme of arts and culture activities and events.
Their projects have developed to showcase the talents of the local creative community, have contributed to creative learning, and have strengthened relationships and networks within the sector whilst also attracting substantial inward investment.
The community of the Forres Area, where they are based was a winner of the 2015 Creative Place Award. The awards, for smaller communities outside of the main Scottish cities, recognise community ambition in using the arts for the benefit of residents and visitors. The award and accolade has enabled creativity to grow through enhanced events, new activities, partnership working, and a promotional focus upon the area as a place where arts and creativity can be experienced and enjoyed year-round. The Forres Creative Place award was led by and programme managed by Findhorn Bay Arts.
This presentation reflects the journey of Findhorn Bay Arts, since its inception in 2012 and reflects on the opportunities, challenges and learning that will inform the next chapter in Making Creative Things Happen in Moray.

Panel In the Regions: Making an Artistic Living

11:50am – 12:50pm

Moderated by Soseh Yekanians, Senior Lecturer in Theatre/Media, Charles Sturt University

Alison Plevey, Associate Director and Performer, Lingua Franca

James T. Farley, Artist & Lecturer in Photography, Charles Sturt University

Henry Simmons, Owner/Director, Man On The Moon Media

For decades artists have left their hometowns for the greener pastures of the big cities, but things are starting to change. How do artists make a home, a living, and a creative practice in a regional town? What are the pros and cons for this decision? Is it possible today to work regionally and think globally? Three artists from the Central West with varying arts practices share their experiences in establishing a sustainable career from a regional base.

1:00pm – 2:00pm


Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre (BMEC)

2:00pm – 5:00pm

Parallel sessions of panels and presentations

Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre (BMEC)

Panel The Economic Impacts of Regional Film & Television Production

Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

2:00pm – 3:15pm

Ken Crouch, Chief Executive Officer, Screenworks

Matt Carroll, Senior Manager, Screen Destination Attraction, Create NSW

Regional film and TV production in NSW can provide significant economic benefits to regional areas, as well as provide positive social and community impacts.
Join Matt Carroll and Ken Crouch as they explore how our magnificent natural environments in regional NSW can be used as a tool to support robust regional communities and economies.
Matt and Ken will draw upon previous regional productions such as GODS OF WHEAT STREET and other recent productions to demonstrate the what, why and how a region or local government area could be better positioned to attract and support more film and TV production.

Small Talks Creative Regional Economies

Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre (BMEC)

2:00pm – 3:15pm

Tracey Callinan, Executive Director, Arts Outwest

Monica Davidson, Director, Creative Plus Business Group

If regional creative economies are a potential driver for future growth, how can artists make a meaningful contribution? Can councils, peak bodies, government and education help? Where does technology fit? This informal talk and listening session brainstorms some of the challenges facing regional creatives, and designs practical strategies to help.

Presentation The Creative Experience

Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre (BMEC)

2:00pm – 3:15pm

Alyce Fisher, Executive Director, Murray Arts

Alyson Evans, Freelance Theatre Facilitator, Director and Producer

We are more connected than ever through digital technology but a high consumer demand exists for those seeking out ways of more authentic connection. During this forum, Murray Arts will highlight local success stories from the Albury-Wodonga region that have integrated experiences into their program models. What has worked? What failed? And what are our future opportunities?

Workshop Creative Community Workshop

Walshaw Hall

2:00pm – 3:15pm

Graham Sattler, Executive Director, Mitchell Conservatorium

Andrew French-Northam, Acoustic, electric guitar

Mark McLaughlin, Acoustic, bass, electric guitar

Jamie Briton, Drums, tuned percussion

The Creative Community workshop identifies our capacity to create meaningful and satisfying art – not only as individuals, but as a cohort existing in a particular time and a particular place.
With local colleagues Andrew French-Northam, Jamie Briton and Mark Mclaughlin, Dr Graham Sattler will discuss the group music improvisation process and facilitate a creative session that will utilise verbal, visual and physical cues, and demonstrate the social and emotional power of focused group creativity.

Panel In Conversation: Young Regional Artist Scholarship Recipients

Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre (BMEC)

2:00pm – 3:15pm

Moderated by Kresanna Aigner, Director, Findhorn Bay Arts, Scotland, UK

Johanna Williams, Young Regional Artist Scholarship Recipient

Rosslyn Wythes, Young Regional Artist Scholarship Recipient

Hudson Emery, Young Regional Artist Scholarship Recipient

Ben Rodwell, Young Regional Artist Scholarship Recipient

The Young Regional Artists Scholarship, a NSW Government initiative that commenced in 2015, has been invaluable in supporting emerging regional artists to develop their own professional development pathways to build their careers. The $10,000 scholarship, administered by Create NSW, has enabled scholarship holders to develop a diverse and individual program of mentorships, further training and professional development both here and overseas. The four panellists, in conversation with Kresanna Aigner, will talk about their experiences and how the scholarship has assisted their practice.


3:15pm – 3:45pm

Performance Local Stages New Play Readings | A Good Bloke by Adam Dusien & Isabel Fox

Walshaw Hall

3:45pm – 5:00pm

A small town, much like any small town anywhere in Australia, is rocked by the news of a terrible crime. To many it’s a surprise, many don’t understand how it could happen: he was such a great guy, a great Dad, a great mate to his friends, a man of the community. But as two friends of the family start to piece it all together, a story emerges that challenges the myth of this good country bloke, and a more angry, sinister and calculated image begins to appear.
Originally conceived as an inversion of the Medea story, A Good Bloke uses this ancient Greek myth to excavate the epidemic of murder/suicides committed by men against their families in regional Australia. Focusing on how local and national journalism reports these crimes in ways that exonerate the criminals and blame the victims, this new work is exploration of how small communities attempt to make sense of these sudden tragic events.
After two short develop periods as part of the Made in Bathurst residency program with Local Stages at BMEC, and in a 2-week development period team as part of Adam Deusien’s Arts NSW Regional Arts Fellowship, the script is being redeveloped in 2018.

Panel Ambitious and Fair: the Future for Regional Gallery Practice

Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

3:45pm – 5:00pm

Esther Anatolitis, Executive Director, National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA)

Sarah Gurich, Director, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

Let’s collaborate on a set of actions to drive national standards that are ambitious and fair.
Profound changes in the ways we make, show and respond to new work compel us to collaborate closely for the benefit of artists, galleries and audiences. And when we consider the alarming decline in artists’ incomes and rights, as evidenced in recent research such as the latest Throsby Report, there’s no time to be lost. Let’s respond together.
How is regional gallery practice evolving? How is a curatorial balance struck between the presentation of local, national and international artists? How will we make sure that artists are paid for their work? And what else is it vital that we consider? This panel will offer the regional artist, curator and gallerist perspective, characterising contemporary practice and identifying ways forward.
NAVA is about to lead a major revision and update of the Code of Practice for the Professional Australian Visual Arts, Craft and Design Sector. While the focused rigour of this work is undertaken by academic, legal and policy experts, NAVA will also be focused on building the relationships and the commitments that make the Code the enforceable standard for Australia’s contemporary arts – making sure that good policy leads to real and lasting outcomes.

Panel Education, Arts and Community: Making it Strong

Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre (BMEC)

3:45pm – 5:00pm

Soseh Yekanians, Senior Lecturer, Charles Sturt University

Zoe Rodwell, Lecturer, Charles Sturt University

Maryanne Jaques, Communications Officer, Arts OutWest

Kiara Martin, Student & Performer, Charles Sturt University

From devising creative works to responding to site and audience-specific briefs, this dynamic panel will discuss how students intersect and collaborate throughout the Theatre Media degree, and how their arts practice contributes to the vibrancy of the Bathurst community.

Presentation Reconnecting to Place: Creating Community Post-Disaster

Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre (BMEC)

3:45pm – 5:00pm

Zeb Schulz, Artistic Director, RealArtWorks Inc.

Sunita Bala, Creative Producer, RealArtWorks Inc.

Mat Daymond, Artist, RealArtWorks Inc. and Tralala Blip

Mike Smith, Artist, RealArtWorks Inc. and Tralala Blip

How can the creative skills and experiences of a minority create powerful community change?
A creative investigation into recovery and resilience through the notion of post-disability. This session will explore how a flood affected city was united through a series of innovative projects based on community narratives.

Presentation Zero to 1500 in 10 Days: the Xtreem Art of Youth Engagement

Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre (BMEC)

3:45pm – 5:00pm

Raina Savage, Manager, Griffith Regional Theatre and Art Gallery

MY FEST – Murrumbidgee Youth Xtreem Arts Festival, was created in response to the chronic lack of engagement of young people with regional arts facilities. 30 young people presented 10 days of high oxtane, inclusive, participatory youth arts activities that engaged over 1500 young people from wildly diverse backgrounds.

Panel Expert Exchange: Leveraging Your Networks to Raise Funds

Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre (BMEC)

3:45pm – 5:00pm

Moderated by Elizabeth Scott, Executive Director, Create Investment and Engagement, Create NSW

Este Darin-Cooper, State Manager NSW/ACT, Creative Partnerships Australia

Ken Crouch, Chief Executive Officer, Screenworks

Sheena Boughen, Former Chair, Four Winds (Bermagui)

Diversifying income streams is increasingly important to drive a resilient arts, screen and cultural sector. For regionally based organisations, this can be a daunting prospect and presents many unique challenges.
By harnessing personal connections, deepening relationships with likeminded groups and creating the right narrative – artists can use their story to transform their community into supporters, advocates and donors.
Create NSW is delighted to present an expert panel who from personal experience can share insights on how to identify opportunities, how to build and strengthen connections with your community and how to broaden your digital networks to maximise success and sustain your creative work.

7:00pm – 9:30pm

Artstate Dinner

The Carrington

Join fellow delegates and guests at the Carrington for the Artstate Bathurst Dinner. Enjoy a three course meal, wine and entertainment courtesy of Rusty Nails.

Rusty Nails

Rusty Nails is Bathurst’s very own alternative cabaret Queen extraordinaire. After a whistle stop tour of caravan parks and RSL club across the region she is thrilled to be hosting the Artstate Conference Dinner, as well as squeezing in a special appearance at the Festival Club the night before.
Rusty’s tales of life, love, the universe and everything expose a unique if slightly deluded take on reality. Known for her love of power ballads, high- octane jazz dancing and sharp witted one-liners, Rusty has strutted her stuff for central west audiences for ten years and counting… get ready for a treat or two from Rusty and her fabulous band, featuring local Rob Shannon and Tiff Mason.


Tickets for the Artstate Dinner can be purchased during Registration. If you have already registered and would like to book, please email

7:00pm – 12:00am

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