Andrew Hull

Something of a contemporary Renaissance man, or a polymath, Andrew Hull works across several arts disciplines, performs and exhibits, generates public art projects, speaks at conferences public engagements, and combines this with Natural Resource management work.

He has had several professional and non-professionals roles as diverse as bulldozer driver, news columnist, poet and songwriter, radio producer and photographer.

Andrew is of Baakindji descent from the Darling River, in Bourke NSW. He has maintained active interest in his community and was a Board Member of Outback Arts. While his interests are diverse, he is well-recognised for excellence by his peers: his writing is published in the Outback magazine and the Sydney Morning Herald; his poems have featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Melbourne Age and regularly on ABC Local and National radio. He has been described by contemporaries as, “a modern day Lawson” (Australian Geographic), “the Bard of Bourke” (Outback Magazine) and, “the keeper of Lawson’s secret” (Neil Murray) and has performed at major folk festivals across Australia. He has toured and performed with various renowned Australian musicians, worked with an array of recognised artists across a range of media, and exhibited locally and regionally.

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