Caitlin Marshall

Caitlin Marshall is the co-founder of Rumpus, a creative social enterprise based in the Illawarra region that uses purposeful play, art and creativity as a tool to unlock, build and strengthen communities and workplaces.

Rumpus has engaged hundreds of emerging creatives over the past 6 years to share their craft, artform and artistry through introductury, fun skillshare classes, and thousands of community members have learnt from painters, ceramicists, musicians, writers, illustrators, textile artists, sculptors, craft artists and designers.

This year, Rumpus launched MakeShift, a ‘creativity on prescription’ initiative that brings people face to face with a range of creative practices and art forms proven to help with managing anxiety, depression, PTSD and general mental health, through workshops, courses and talks.

Caitlin Marshall has over 15 years experience working in community development, social work and adult education. Her work has incorporated the concept of play as a tool for personal growth, community building and social action in a range of contexts – working with itinerant boarding house residents, young homeless women, families affected by mental health, and people with opiate addictions in Scotland. She is passionate about unlocking resources and skills, and rebalancing the power of vulnerable people in the community.

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