Lee Pemberton

Lee is a dancer, choreographer and educator whose practice in regional Australia spans nearly twenty years. She founded fLiNG Physical Theatre in Bega NSW and under her vision, fLiNG Physical Theatre became NSW’s first professionally funded youth dance company. Lee has extensive experience working with various community and arts organisations, directing managing events, touring fLiNG to regional areas and urban centres.
In 2016 Lee was awarded a Regional Artists Fellowship from Create NSW, for Heritage, Lineage and Future which gave her time and opportunity to research the embodied knowledge of residents of the far southeastern coast of NSW with extraordinary careers in dance framed within the landscape and history of the region.
In exploring the histories of the place in the region with a practice that is corporeal, Lee has re-invigorated her practice. Her work is embedded in the region, connected to the culture and landscape of the area. The work is neither complete, static or exhaustive, and she is developing a collective of experienced and emerging artists who are deeply connected to the culture and landscape of the area.

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