Marc Sutherland

Marc Sutherland is a Gomeroi Murri who was born and raised in Tamworth. Marc believes in the strength of sharing culture and knowledge the way it has always been done on Gomeroi Country and that is in an authentic and meaningful way. Driven by his love for culture and his responsibility to his community, Marc is determined to support the cultural growth and development of young people through creating cultural learning pathways in both formal and informal capacities.

Marc is the Director of the Gomeroi Culture Academy, in his role he inspires and supports a generation of culturally strong leaders within his community. Marc is also a Co-Founder of the Gomeroi Dance Company (GDC) which has been delivering Gomeroi dance workshops and performances across the state since 2008. The GDC has been the driver for the revitalisation of cultural practice across the region and proud to host community corrobborees with up to over 150 local dancers and singers.

Marc’s passion for his language has led to become a recognised Songman within his community. Through working on Country and within community to revive old songs and create new songs to share stories both old and new.

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