Matt Carroll

Matt has been one of Australia’s leading producers for over 30 years. During that time Matt has produced or executive produced 16 feature films, 7 TV movies, 7 mini-series, 6 documentaries and over 500 hours of TV drama. Apart from the creative, management and financial skills required to execute such a large body of work he has broad experience of working in and managing companies involved in this work. These include SA Film Corporation News Ltd, Roadshow Coote and Carroll and Matt Carroll Films.
Matt heads up the Screen Destination Attraction team at Create NSW that provides advice about filming in Sydney and regional New South Wales. Matt and his experienced team of production professionals assist with information on locations, technical and creative talent, studio space, post-production and visual effects facilities and on all aspects of filming in New South Wales.
Each year the team attracts production and post-production to NSW by facilitating inbound visits from producers, directors and other creatives, both Australian and international. It also promotes and administers the NSW Local Government Filming Protocol (‘Film Friendly’), facilitating resolution of issues between productions and State and Local Government authorities that own or manage locations.

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