Nick Mahmat

Nick Mahmat is the Aesthetic Education Program Coordinator for Kalamazoo RESAʼs Education for the Arts Program. Trained in Lincoln Center Education’s model of aesthetic education in 2002, he has worked as an aesthetic education practitioner with students of all ages for over 10 years.
Currently, as the Coordinator of Education for the Arts Aesthetic Education Program, he works closely with over 30 professional teaching artists and more than 300 classroom educators organizing and overseeing the creation of educational experiences based around professional performing and visual works of art. Through this work, Nick cultivates and supports long-standing partnerships between schools and the professional arts community.
Additionally, he has worked with Education for the Arts and Lincoln Center Education, to design and facilitate many professional development workshops for educators, school administrators, arts specialists, and artists throughout the United States and in Adelaide, AU. He has acted as Lead Facilitator and Host Site Manager for seven Lincoln Center Institute International Educator Workshops.

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