Ossie Alfaro

A realtime electronic immersion, film & future nut.
Throughout Osvaldo’s life he has had a passion for imagery, be it captured or delivered utilising multiple formats and techniques. This passion has driven his career, from an early love of drawing then onto photography and cinematography through to today’s highly technical advances in synthetic image creation.
He has been active on film and TV camera crews since leaving school but a fascination for the potential of VR led him to dive into 3D graphics in the early 90’s. In 1999 he established GreenhouseFX|3D|VR – a VFX and Animation company specialising in immersive content whilst awaiting the 2nd wave of VR. As well as world-building in VR Osvaldo is passionate about stereoscopy, and he designs and creates his own camera rigs to help realise his technical and creative visions.

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