Prue Cullen

Prue Cullen returned to her family property after living away for the most part of her adult life. It has been a transition from floristry to cows, urban to remote and isolated.

The influence of her past running a successful floristry business in New York is evident in the design work that adorns her hand built and thrown pieces, with much of her work having strong floral motifs. Prue also expresses herself in elaborate sculptural pieces, often themed around important elements of her environment, living in the country, experiencing climate change and the severe devastation of drought ravaged landscape.

Prue is a member of the Coonamble Ceramics Collective which is a very active and dynamic group, who run and operate a full time community ceramic studio. Since discovering ceramics in 2013 her creative practice has been a welcome respite from the difficulties of living in drought and climate change.

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