Stephen Birrell

Stephen started his business career in the 1980’s, importing and developing state-of-the-art vehicle emissions test equipment for the automotive service industry. After a move into the mining industry in the mid the 90’s, his company developed a sophisticated fuel management system that is still recognised today as the best of its kind in the world.
After more than 20 years in the corporate world, Stephen and his wife Glenda sold the company early in 2015, looking forward to retirement and spending more time on their boat and with their grandchildren.
However, shortly after ‘retirement’, the Tremain’s Mill site in Bathurst came onto the market with community concerns that these historic buildings could disappear to make way for another housing development.
The site was purchased Stephen and Glenda with a commitment to the city of Bathurst to preserve the heritage buildings and transform the site into a community hub comprising commercial, residential, events and community spaces.
While the overall project will take some 5 years to complete, Stage 1 is close to completion now and the standard of work can be seen in the restoration of the beautiful Victoria Stores Building on Keppel Street.

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