Will Gammon

Will started his career in visual effects in early 2001, working for Australia’s Rising Sun Pictures in Adelaide. With his background in photography and under the guidance of some of Australia’s best talent, Will quickly honed his skills in the craft of compositing.
In 2010 Will transitioned into animated feature work at Animal Logic. Working on the breathtaking 3D film The Legend of the Guardians, Will led some of the key sequences from look development to final. Soon after Will joined the composting team at Fuel VFX to work on Marvel Studios’ Thor and a swag of high end commercials before returning to Animal Logic for the stereoscopic conversion of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2.
Upon completion, Will returned to Fuel to work on Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol and led a team of artists on one of the most technically challenging shots. Shortly after he joined the team on Happy Feet 2 at Dr D Studios, where he developed and composited some of the most visually spectacular sequences of the film.
With a wealth of knowledge and experience in post-production and visual effects, Will moved to the Northern Rivers to establish Cumulus Visual Effects and Syclone Technology.

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