Djurra World Premiere at Artstate Lismore

1 Aug 2017 /

Artstate Lismore is pleased to announce that the world premiere of Djurra at NORPA will feature as a part of Artstate Lismore’s Arts Program. Djurra is a new direction for the project formally known as the Three Brothers based on the Three Brothers Bundjalung creation story. The production features writer Dr Romaine Moreton, director Kirk Page and composer Dr Lou Bennett.
A war is waging at the centre of the world, where the magic of ancient cultures are pitted against the subterfuge of the west. On Bundjalung country however, there is sorry business taking place; a mother wails as a father is languishing.
Mamoonh, a Bundjalung revolutionary engaged in war at the centre of the earth, hears the voice of his mother Gammi who has the power to control the wind. As the wind gathers into a force, Mamoonh can no longer ignore Gammi’s lament and returns to Bundjalung country with his wife and two sons. Mamoonh fatigued from war at the centre of the world arrives to find there is war afire on his very own country. With urgency, Mamoonh realises he must invoke the magic of ancient Bundjalung customs to guide his son through lore in order to heal the hurt and trauma of the past, make sense of the present, and to envision a future. Told through a series of vignettes, strong physicality and contemporary First Nation voices with themes of magic realism, we see Mamoonh transition into a lore man, guiding his son from boy to man, follower to leader. Djurra – the magic is here, the magic is now.
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